Research University of international renown

Campus Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg
Founded 1829
Students 22,600






The University of Stuttgart’s mission statement describes the way the University conceives of itself and on what it bases its actions. The mission statement informs all goals the university sets and the actions it undertakes. These are its key propositions:

  • The University of Stuttgart is a leading, technically-oriented German university with a global presence.
  • Basic research that is both insight-oriented and practically-relevant is the key to its functioning.
  • The University educates not only outstanding experts in their chosen domains but also personalities who think globally and interactively and act responsibly for the sake of science, society, and the economy.
  • Through its research and teaching, it fosters the general welfare and contributes to economic success.
  • As an employer, it creates space for diversity and equal opportunity as well as fair treatment for all – regardless of status, age, ethnicity and gender.
  • The University of Stuttgart advocates for open-mindedness, individualism, and community spirit. Thanks to this culture of integration, it is able to create and pass on knowledge for a responsible shaping of our common future.
  • For the first time, the University of Stuttgart was entitled to apply for the final round of the Bund-Länder competition for the title “University of Excellence“. In the final round of the competition the University of Stuttgart was unable to prevail in the final review. Nevertheless, the university will pursue its vision of “Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society” and implement many of the application's objectives and measures to a reduced extent from its own resources.
  • With this vision, the University of Stuttgart has set itself two goals: For one thing, it wants to become a leader in the field of Intelligent Systems and, secondly, be a pioneer for a university that sees itself as an Intelligent System and acts accordingly. The concept is based on the particular strengths of the University of Stuttgart: its wide range of courses offered, its highly developed interdisciplinary teamwork, the quality of research and the great potential for cooperation, which is already present in numerous large-scale projects with partners from science and industry in Europe's leading high-tech region of Stuttgart and worldwide. Thematic priorities include the research-intensive high-profile areas of Architecture and Adaptive Building, Digital Humanities, Production Technologies, Quantum Science and Simulation Science.